JavaScript Tutorials

Coding with Notepad++

Step by step process to code and run javascript:

  • Install Notepad++
  • Open Notepad++ and click on ‘New file’.
  • Choose the particular file in the folder to save

For Example: 

File->Save as->Desktop->New folder->Javascript(for example)

  •  Give file name as .html


  • Select the type as html it will automatically save in html format
  • Java script will run in html.
  • The following file is saved in .html format because other text extension files also available.

To Get The End Tags(auto-completion of tags):

Settings-> preferences->Auto-completion

 Please make sure all the checkboxes are selected. Mainly html/xml close tags. Then click close.

Automatically open <html></html> (close tags also)


There are two ways to see the output of the program. Click on the file. Double clicking on it will directly give the output in the default browser.

Here in the above picture, on the left side, document.write output is executed and on the right side, console.log output is executed.

How to see output of console.log

Right click on the browser click inspect in that click console.

In this way we can see output. There is also another way to see output.

  1. Go to Notepad++ 
  2. Click on the file there click on open in default viewer.

Note: If there is any update or rewrite of the program, just reload the browser. The updated output is displayed over there.