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Creating a page from scratch using Notepad

Steps to create a webpage in HTML using Notepad

HTML program or page can be created by many HTML or text editors. These editors are software that help us write our code with an easy user interface. Today, we will see how to create a html or webpage using Notepad editor. Notepad editor is a built-in text editor in Windows computers. You can find similar editors in Mac and Linux operating systems as well.

Creating a simple HTML page using Notepad editor

Follow the four steps below to create your first web page with Notepad.

Step 1: Open Notepad (Windows)

Windows 8 or later:

Open the Start menu and Search (Type Notepad)

Windows 7 or previous Windows:

Open Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad

Step 2: Create a New Document

Go to Notepad Menu: File > New

A New blank document will be opened and you can start writing your first HTML program here.

Step 3: Write some HTML code or program

Write your own HTML code or simply copy the following HTML simple program into the notepad document.

  <body><h1>My First Heading</h1><p>My first paragraph.</p></body>

Step 4: Save the HTML page

Go to Notepad Menu: File > Save (or use short-key CTRL + S)

It will ask you to Save the file on your computer. Give it a name with .html extension and Save it (for example program.html).

Note: HTML page should be saved with .html extension carefully.

Step 5: View the HTML Page using Browser

Web browsers are programs or software that are used to view webpages/websites. You can find Microsoft Edge by default if using Windows computer machine. You can also download other popular web browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Use any of them.

Now simply, open the saved HTML file in any browser:

Double click on the file or right-click on the file and choose “Open with” option to select other browser. You HTML file will be opened in web browser and it will show output based on your html program.