HTML Tutorials

Creating HTML markup

HTML is a straightforward language for describing web page contents. Its components are easy to use and come in three basic types:

  • Elements: Identify different parts of an HTML document using tags.
  • Attributes: Provide additional information about a particular instance of an element.
  • Entities: Non-ASCII text characters, such as the copyright symbol (©) and accented letters (É).

Building HTML documents

Building an HTML document requires assembling a sequence of elements. Some of that sequence is prescribed, which means certain elements always appear in a specific order. Other aspects of the sequence are optional, which gives you the ability to pick and choose the elements for a particular page that are best-suited to accommodate and deliver your content. The HTML elements are as follows, in their order of appearance:

  • The <html> tag starts the web page, and </html> ends it.
  • The markup between <head> and </head> defines general information for the entire web page.
  • The text inside the <title></title> element provides the page title.
  • The <meta> element provides information about page content and display layout.
  • A <link> element establishes a link to an external resource; in this case, to two different CSS style sheets.
  • The markup between <body> and </body> supplies actual page content.
  • The <div></div> element defines two different content divisions on the page, one for navigation, the other for page content.
  • The navigation <nav></nav> element defines a navigation bar.
  • The anchor <a></a> element defines hypertext links.
  • The heading1 <h1></h1> element defines a level-1 heading.
  • The paragraph <p></p> element defines a paragraph of text.
  • A figure <figure></figure> element defines a graphic with a caption.
  • The image <img> element links to a graphic for display, with horizontal and vertical dimensions and alternative text in case the image doesn’t appear.
  • A figure caption <figcaption></figcaption> element labels the figure caption.
  • A document footer <footer></footer> element defines text for the bottom of the page.