CSS Tutorials

CSS Properties

Sure, here are some commonly used CSS properties:

  1. background-color: Sets the background color of an element.
  2. color: Sets the text color of an element.
  3. font-family: Specifies the font family for text.
  4. font-size: Sets the size of the font.
  5. font-weight: Specifies the boldness of the font.
  6. margin: Sets the margin (space) around an element.
  7. padding: Sets the padding (space) inside an element.
  8. border: Sets the border properties for an element.
  9. width: Sets the width of an element.
  10. height: Sets the height of an element.

These are just a few examples. CSS has a wide range of properties available to style and manipulate elements on a webpage. Let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to know or if you need help with a particular CSS task.

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